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The Net Income Calculator, calculates your net income i.e, your take home pay. If you choose Hourly pay, the Income calculator converts your hourly pay into yearly gross income and subtracts the federal, state taxes (2012 federal tax rates are used).

Note: Change any value and click anywhere to recalculate.
Yearly Pay($)
State Tax $2,167.9 Yearly Take home Pay $36,128.4
Quarterly Take home Pay $9,032.1
Monthly Take home Pay $3,010.7
Semi-Monthly Take home Pay $1,505.3
Weekly Take home Pay $694.8 Social Security Tax $3,100.0 Medicare Tax $725.0 Federal Tax $7,878.8

Annual Gross Pay $50,000.0
Federal Withholding $7,878.8
Social Security $3,100.0
Medicare $725.0
California State Tax $2,167.9
Annual Net Income $36,128.4
Quarterly Net Income $9,032.1
Monthly Net Income $3,010.7
Semi-Monthly Net Income $1,505.3
Weekly Net Income $694.8


Gross pay: This is the amount of income before taxes and deductions are withheld.

Federal Allowances: This is the number of allowances claimed from line 5 on the Form W-4. For instance, a single person living at home with no dependents would enter a "1" in this field.

Additional Withholding: If you have additional withholding dollars taken from each check beyond your regular W-4 specifics, enter that amount here. Do not enter a dollar sign and do not use commas.

Federal Filing Status: The filing status you choose determines the income levels for your federal tax bracket. It is also important for calculating your standard deduction, personal exemptions, and deduction phase out incomes.
                               Filing Status and Income Tax Withholding Rates 2013 
Tax Rate Single Married Head of Household
10% $2200 to $11,125 $8,300 to $26,150 $2200 to $11,125
15% $11,126 to $38,450 $26,151 to $80,800 $11,126 to $38,450
25% $38,851 to $90,050 $80,801 to $154,700 $38,851 to $90,050
28% $90,051 to $185,450 $154,701 to $231,350 $90,051 to $185,450
33% $185,451 to $400,550  $231,351 to $406,650 $185,451 to $400,550
35% $400,551 to $402,200 $406,651 to $458,300 $400,551 to $402,200
39.6% over $402,200 over $458,300 over $402,200

Dependents/Allowances: A dependent or allowance is someone you support and for whom you can claim a dependency exemption.

Exempt From: In some cases, public employees are exempt from Federal, Social Security and/or Medicare taxes. Check one or both of these boxes to not withhold Social Security and/or Medicare.

Filing Status/Tax Rate: Select your filing status for state withholding. This value determines how your state tax will be withheld.
For more information on taxes, please see the Internal Revenue Service website.

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